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Therapeutic Deep Pressure

Swedish Relaxation

2 Hour Fusion


The Clinic and Our Staff

At Tranquil Moments, we strive to create the most relaxing environment possible for both our clients and our therapists. We treat our therapists respectfully; they are trained and licensed professionals who deserve to apply their teachings in an atmosphere that’s creative, open and comfortable.

We allow our therapists the freedom to create their own schedules so they can achieve the perfect balance between work and home life. Therapists are also given an adequate break between each massage session. Creating this buffer between sessions means the therapist doesn’t have to rush to finish your massage and it allows them time to rest and prepare for the next session.

Our therapists work very hard to provide the best massage for you and therefore earn a respectful commission for each massage they perform.


Therapists at Tranquil Moments aren’t micro-managed employees; they’re trusted professionally licensed to provide care to clients. Therapists are also directed against pushing products and services on our clientele. We know that by investing in our therapists, we’ll in turn provide the best care for our clients. Our therapists are the backbone of Tranquil Moments and why our atmosphere is so tranquil. We greatly appreciate their time, effort and the different techniques they bring to our business.

We have an amazing team of people who strive to offer outstanding customer service and a wonderful massage experience.