Cancellation Policy and Guidelines


Tranquil Moments appreciates that you have chosen us for your premier body work experience. We strive to take each individual client and give them the very best that we can offer every single time. In order to give each client the individual time and quality of service, we schedule out specific time that is needed for each session. Tranquil Moments would like to offer some helpful guidelines and policies so that you may get the best out of the time that is set aside specifically for you.

If you are a new client please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled session for time to fill out a one page health form, briefly discuss your health history, choose a scent and have some time to relax with a complimentary foot soak or on the table allowing your body and mind to start transitioning from the busy outside bustle of everyday living to a more relaxed and tranquil state of mind.


We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life and are happy to honor your business as follows.   If there are any health issues present at the time of your scheduled treatment that might exacerbate symptoms (for example, fever, cold, sickness, infection, recent hospital visit, vomiting or diarrhea within the prior 24 hours, or ill children at home), please contact us before your scheduled treatment.  In these emergency circumstances, we may not charge for less than 24 hour cancellations.

Cancelling Appointments

24-hour advance notice is required when cancelling a massage appointment.  Because all massage services are by appointment only, a major credit card may be required to hold your appointment.  You will not be charged until massage services are rendered, unless you fail to cancel within 24 hours and/or no-show (see below) your appointment!  If you fail to provide 24 hours advance notice, you will be charged the full amount of your appointment.

Late Arrivals

Out of respect and consideration to your therapist and other clients, please plan accordingly and be on time.  If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours.  Depending upon how late you arrive, your therapist will determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment.  Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for payment for the full session.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes past your scheduled start time, however, your appointment will be considered a no-show (see below) and will be charged as such.


At Tranquil Moments, we understand that unexpected events occur and there are many reasons why you may need to cancel a massage appointment.  However, we ask that you call if you cannot keep your scheduled appointment.  Clients who fail to show for appointments will be charged a no-show fee of the full amount of your appointment and may be asked to pre-pay for future services.  Because all massage services are by appointment only, if you miss two or more services or do not show for your scheduled appointment, a major credit card will be required to hold future appointments.  You will not be charged until massage services are rendered, unless you fail to cancel within 24 hours and/or no-show your appointment.


Clients who have purchased pre-paid packages or gift certificate and no-show for their scheduled appointment will forfeit that session in the package and/or gift certificate.  The value of the package and/or gift certificate will be reduced by the amount of the no-show fee.  It is important that our massage therapists are compensated for the reserved time slots.


Thank you for taking these guidelines into consideration when scheduling your next tranquil moment.

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