The health and safety of our clients and staff is very important to us. Below is our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the new policies we're implementing at this time. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please call, text or email us. We appreciate your patience during this time.

New Booking Policy:
Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily limiting the number of daily appointments. The health and safety of our clients and staff is very important to us. For this reason, walk-in appointments will not be accepted and clients who are not currently receiving a service will be asked to step out in order to control the number of people within the office.

Requirements Prior To Your Session:
We ask that you fill out the new health intake before your appointment as we will not have forms to be filled out in the office. This is required before your appointment. If you have not received one, please let us know and we can resend one to your email.

Requirements For Entering The Building:
When you arrive, we ask that you do not come into the office and instead wait in your car and give us a call to let us know that you've arrived. We will call you back or come out and get you when the therapist and the therapy room are ready for you. We are requiring that clients wear face coverings when they arrive for their appointments. Please were coverings that cover your nose and chin and fit around your cheeks. If you do not have a face mask we will provide one for you prior to entering the building. We will also be taking clients' temperatures as they enter the building and asking COVID related questions.

Symptom Requirements:
If you are experiencing a fever, cough, or sore throat, please reschedule your appointment (even if you feel like it is due to allergies) for when you are no longer symptomatic. If you have been to a COVID-19-impacted area or have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19, we ask that you please reschedule your appointment for 20 days past the date of contact.

Requirements During the Massage Session:

You will be asked to wash your hands once in the therapy room, prior to your session starting and we ask that you wear your mask for the duration of the session. We will not be offering beverages, including water, snacks or chocolates at this time, so please come prepared with your own.

Revised Cancellation Policy:

We have revised our cancellation policy to accommodate these uncertain times. If you experience the following symptoms the day of your massage or in the days leading up to your massage, please call or text us to reschedule your session without penalty; congestion, sick with a sore throat, or fever. We ask that you let us know of your cancellation and give us as much notice as possible.

Thank you for working with us during this time; it is new for everyone here and we appreciate your patience and support while we are all navigating the new normal. Please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns. We are happy to help explain any of the new guidelines and requirements placed on Tranquil Moments and our clients.

We will be contacting clients prior to their appointments to go over the changes and what to expect prior, during and after your appointment.

Thank you everyone for your patience as we navigate the new regulations.