Bag includes 4 Shower Steamers

Chose a scent:
Respiratory oil blends - Combined to help soothe and support respiratory comfort, PURE™ Vapor is a rich blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, cypress, may chang, myrtle, and elemi. 


Lavender- Blended to help calm the scenses either for a relaxing day or to aid in your sleep at night.


Eucalyptus- Great way to start your day, benifits the most when allergy season is in full force or just for the lovely scent of eucalyptus!


Citrus Blend- Spcifically blended to awaken the scences in the am citrus blend.


Instructions: Place in the shower for a few minutes before you step in or run warm water over the Shower Steamer directly to receive the aromatic benefits.

Shower Steamers

  • In the event you purchase any of our spa products for home use and find them to be defective, we will exchange any products within 14 days of purchase, provided a receipt is presented. Unfortunately we cannot provide cash refunds for returned products.